Common Services

Official Reports

The report is a legal document collecting all the information that is credible and necessary supporting evidence. The bailiff will be describing, in writing, the events, the status and conditions of the property or places he sees. Acting with rigor and impartiality, the bailiff draws up an authentic picture of events and acts that take place during his speech.


Take advantage of the expertise of our bailiffs to execute your decisions in a safe and proper way. According to the Civil Code, the bailiff is the only person allowed to proceed with the eviction. Our bailiffs will take care of the situation with professionalism and speed.

The eviction is a useful service when a decision from the “régie du logement” has ordered the expulsion of your tenants. Our team of experts offers a comprehensive service by undertaking the preparation of all documents and conducting the eviction in due form.


Our bailiffs’ role is to carry all stages of execution of a writ of serizure. Our professionalism and expertise allows us to handle a seizure with tact and efficiency.

Service of documents

The bailiff will serve the documents to the person for whom it is intended. The bailiff will also take the time to explain the procedure to the debtor while adopting a professional behaviour.

Anton Piller

Our Anton Piller specialists are working in collaboration with a team of movers and locksmiths to proceed in the most efficient manner possible.

Amicable settlement and voluntary surrender

With power of attorney, the bailiff comes to the scene and tries to collect the money owed to you. The many courses that follow our bailiffhelp promote the success rate of the perception. The sums collected will then berouted to you directly.

In addition, the bailiff on site has a mandate to educate your customers about the benefits of making a voluntary surrender. He reports in writing the potential damage and the condition of the property issues in his report. Once the debtor signs the voluntary surrender, the court bailiff delivers your goods to the desired location.


The report is a document signed under oath of office, drafted by the bailiff. The bailiff firm ensures accurate reporting and quality.

Public auctions

Our firm also supports the provision, by auction sales, of all movable property that requires publication in the registery of personal and movable real rights, from successions or from bankruptcy liquidations. 

Judicial Sale

The bailiff will conduct the sale of the property by tenders or auctions once designated by the court. To ensure a complete and proper sale, the firm will handle the sale from beginning to end.

Movable property inventory

The inventory statement signed by the bailiff certifies the legitimacy of actions and assets that it returns. As a result, the inventory count proves a beneficial service


The evaluation consists in the formulation of objective opinions on the value of the property. A report will be issued at the end of the evaluation. Our bailiffs have been trained and are part of the Quebec association of specialized evaluators of movable personal real estate.

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